NARL 1.0

NARL v1.0 released

Added features:

  • Banner search
  • Add custom game
  • Auto import steam games
  • Auto import ROM folder 
  • Auto import retroarch library
  • Game sorting 
  • Expansive and expandable tag system


  • Threaded banner loading
  • Display text in the absence of texture 
  • Cool settings 

Future plans:

Maybe I'll be able to push an update soon maybe it'll be psoponed to the late January, the idea is to almost rewrite the editor, this has 3 primary objectives:

  • Portability, to be able to run the editor in linux
  • Organization, to be able to add tags to collections and that have audio tags
  • Optimization, currently the editor re saves and re loads on almost every small change, this make for some slow, uneffective and uncomfortable editing in large amounts of data

Also the code is a mess. 

Along with this update comes some new features in the launcher, such as:

  • Dynamic background images, by collection 
  • Icons for collection (as opposed of just text) 
  • Sounds! 
  • Background music (by collection or dependant on other factors) 
  • Code cleanup! Some small optimizations and corrections here and there to prepare the launcher to be open sourced, allowing users to tweak their own aspects of the launcher, this way you can add whatever crazy specific features you want in your launcher, this may include themes that change depending if the time is of day, weather in your area, or literally anything you you can imagine! 


Dec 31, 2018

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